Daphne Carroll

My life after cosmetic laser treatment

In 2007 my life was forever changed after a visit to a skin care facility to purchase makeup. I was approached for a free skin evaluation by one of the staff. They were also offering free laser treatments promoting them as healthy for your skin, able to clean out your pores etc. I was severely burned and left with nerve damage that I will live with for the rest of my life. I have a great deal of pain and at times can not do even the simplest of tasks. My eyes are also affected.  I had no idea of the dangers of these facilities or that these cosmetic lasers were high powered surgical devices meant for use by Plastic surgeons and Dermatologist. Lasers can be a serious danger in a physicians hands and certainly should not be used by non medical personnel.  

I was also not aware that many physicians had gone outside their field of expertise for the financial benefits. The Ob/Gyn that was associated with the facility that injured me was only sub contracted and really just an employee. I have since found many of these facilities hire physicians in this manner, they are called "medical directors" and it is a deceptive concept to say the least. They lend their name to the business and it appears that a doctor is in charge and supervising the business when in fact they are usually not there at all. They often have their own medical practice to run and are in no way providing oversight.  This business practice has opened the door for the beauty industry to practice medicine, laser ,botox etc! The below photo was taken by the facility that burned me and they sent me home in this condition! This is what happens when a doctor leaves his field of practice to make a fast buck and cosmetologist are using surgical equipment.


In Tennessee 1500 hours of training are required to cut hair and we have people using surgical devices with a weekend class from the laser manufacturer. Tennessee has NO regulations or TRAINING requirements for these procedures now. Spas and hair salons are offering these lasers as acne treatment, pore cleansing , hair removal etc. This is a problem across the country.  So many have been injured and some have died in med-spas. 


2014 DR OZ REPORT - MUST SEE - THIS REPORT COVERS DEATHS IN THE U.S. AS WELL AS INJURIES   http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/dr-oz-alert-dangers-walk-cosmetic-procedures










Victims of botched cosmetic laser procedures warn of dangers


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